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About Us

I was probably six when I started my career of selling my creations door to door: performances, potions, candy and salad dressings. Since then I have gone into design and I am happy to say I have abandoned the potions for textiles. My biggest influence was my father. My dad was a landscape architect and San Francisco city planner but spent a lot of his time drawing, painting and constantly doodling. I spent my childhood looking at and considering every design detail of each environment we were in. I think of him always when trying to create and balance business and design.

I started my first business, Lemonheads, while in school studying art at U.C. Berkeley. After seven years painting custom floorcloths, I became part of the first design team at Pottery Barn, designing textiles and mostly rugs. Working at Pottery Barn was like attending a masters program in design. One side benefit of working at Pottery Barn was meeting my husband (and newest member of India Rose, LLC), Mark Bolick.

Our first daughter, India Rose, was born in 2001. I started India Rose, LLC in 2003, designing products for Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, The Land of Nod, Pottery Barn, PB Teen, and others. We now work in a tall house perched on a mountain just south of San Francisco amidst the sun, gigantic trees, the constant sprinting of our dog Rexford, and all the children of India Rose whose mothers make up our company. We have slowly expanded our family to include Anu (my mastermind of production, communication, and anything Finnish), Marcus (our website guru and childhood nemesis), Cyrus (our famous for his good looks lawyer), Miriam (our master of shipments), Deanna (our bookkeeper/guardian from IRS audits), and lots of others in India who make possible all the products we produce. We also have a small new addition crawling around on the floor trying to eat the textiles, our second daughter Zarah Rae.

My inspiration comes from novels, thrift stores, fashion, my childhood and a big bag of textiles Anu pulls out after raiding her mother's closet. I start with an idea and always end somewhere very different, laughing a great deal along the way. I hope you love what we have, and if you have any questions e-mail me at

Our namesake, Miss India Rose